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We are committed to always giving you the best experience and are always so grateful when our students give us feedback. Here are just a few things our students say about us!

"I've had the pleasure of completing in class and online yin and flow classes with HealthGirl Meghann! She's a wonderful guide and gives many modifications for all body types and health situations. Always refreshing and relaxing!"Angie A., North Dundas, ON

"Easy to use anytime or live classes. No two classes are the same so you're never bored. So many options. As a mom it’s perfect after putting the kids to bed or get up before them and get some me time so I can keep up to my kids."Kelsey R., Chesterville, ON

"HealthGirl isn’t just an online exercise program, it’s a lifeline.  Meghann is an amazing teacher, instructing every bit of the way!!!  I partake in both online and live classes and seeing the ladies even though I don’t know them, I recognize their names and faces now, friends in Covid.  Meghann is sooooo uplifting and energetic, I can’t wait for my online classes because if I am left to my own devices I have a tendency to get ahead of myself, she keeps me grounded!!!  And when the pandemic is over, I will continue to partake in her classes!!! Thank you for all you do Meghann, you are such an inspiration and you give us HOPE!!!" Bev B., Kemptville, ON

"Attending Yoga classes more than once a week has been a God send for me personally. I have benefited both physically and emotionally. Your classes have given me structure and social connections/friendships during the isolation of COVID. I truly look forward to all the classes I attend each week (usually 4-5) as they seem like belonging to a second family. Meghann, you are to be commended for all your hard work .... and reaching out to your online audience. You are truly a very caring person and always make me feel that I am not alone in these challenging times. Your knowledge of essential oils has been a bonus along the way and my aging body thanks you for sharing that expertise in addition to your yoga classes. So thankful to have found you through the recommendations of friends and colleagues who have attended your physical in person classes in the past." ~ Jo-Anne S., Prescott, ON

"So I started with HealthGirl at the beginning of the this crazy pandemic by a recommendation through a dear friend.  Meghann had to change her in person classes to online virtual, and she was offering her yoga classes for free to help people and not have to worry about money.  “I was sold!” Who does this?  You know when you meet someone for the first time and it feels like you’ve known them forever?  “THE SEED WAS PLANTED!” Although I had never met her in person, I was quickly educated within her classes she was Genuinely Caring and through her yoga classes she gives constant encouragement and teaches positiveness, consistency (good things take time) motivation, goal making, positive self-image, mindfulness, breathing, resiliency (forward progress without force), and so, so much more. Meghann empowers you, she offers all different kinds of yoga classes, workshops, meditation, nutrition, the list doesn’t stop, including she is there for you at any time (and under these certain times that means a lot even it helps one person)!  Her classes are super accessible through her live classes, recorded videos and all offer modifications so anyone can do it!

SELF CARE it begins here

My favourite quotes: “You are enough and You are Worthy", “Effort trumps Perfection” 

S-supportive, sincere

H-healthy heart


R-resiliency, relaxation


Funniest saying to me that she says...but so true.... ”Itty bitty shitty committee”. I once heard “Life is like an Infinity Circle” kept this close to my heart felt this to be so meaningful...If what you give out to people and your input on life is Positive it will be returned to you in the same manner! 

HealthGirl .... Meghann is an infinity circle! Namaste." ~ Shelley P., North Grenville, ON




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